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for the record ...

Since apparently i've been giving out the wrong idea, i'd like to set some things straight.

First, LiveJournal is my own personal little angsty, emotional rant board. If what i post here seems miserable, exuberant, depressed, or manic, it's because i don't often write about the middle ground. and for fuck's sake, it's just livejournal.

Second, my relationship is a private matter. I don't often write the details of it because i am only half of it, and i try to respect the privacy of dreammadeflesh. It isn't perfect, it isn't easy, but neither of us would be involved in it if we didn't want to be. I am not in danger, he is not cruel to me, he does not make me miserable. The circumstances at the moment - The time issues, the schedule conflicts, the distance problem - sucky, but we're doing our best to manage, thanks. do you have a perfect relationship? no? then don't criticize mine.

Third, i appreciate discussion, but not attacks, judgments, or disrespect to me or the ones i love. If i feel attacked, i will attack back.

Fourth, there are four people i can think of that i really, truly, let into my life. One is michael, two read this journal (one from in here, and one from without), and another has been a close friend for almost six years. Not one of them? then you don't know me as well as you may think you do. It's not a false front, just a heavily guarded one.

There aren't going to be any comments here, because this is the end of this discussion.

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