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edit:The store may stay open - someone is considering buying it and having Heather run it. But nothing is for sure, and all the stuff is still going to be on clearance.

So my best friend works at a comic book store. Manages it, actually, since the last manager was fired a few months ago. It runs a lot smoother now, they do a lot of business for the crappy garden grove neighborhood they're in. This is Heather's only job - she loves it, they pay her decently and she has the flexible hours she needs to be a full-time student (math major, even!)

It was broken into recently, and a large portion of the Yu-Gi-Oh! stock was stolen. She was really upset over that.

The store is a chain, based out of Denver. So last wednesday, the people from Denver call to tell her that they are closing the store down, and all the stock must be sold off and the store closed on December 31.

Merry fucking christmas for her - and not just her, the other few employees working in the store - mostly part-timers also going to school.

Anyway, everything at Mile High Comics is on clearance sale until 12/31, if anyone wnts to go pick over the carcass. It's on Harbor Blvd, maybe 1/2 mile north of Garden Grove Blvd..

And if anyone has any job ideas for a hot purple-haired chica based out of long beach, with a disturbingly thorough knowledge of comic books and card/dice games ...

I feel so bad for her. She works hard, more than me, and had some stability for herself, with little of the parental support that i've had.

Yesterday, i accomplished absolutely nothing, and i needed it. I watched four episode of Sex and the City, i got maybe three rows knitted on a hat i'm working on, and that's about it. Today i'm going to see my family before they leave for xmas, i'll go visit the comic shop i mentioned above, and then i work at nine. I talked to someone at work last night, and she said it wasn't nearly as chaotic as my tuesday night. I swear, that had to be one of the most difficult nights i've ever worked.

I'm actually kinda looking forward to working tonight. I've got a staff of good people that i like (excepting one, but i'll try to keep her from actually killing any animals), i'm rested, and i do like my job.

I had to throw away all the shiny xmas wrapping from saturday, as two of the cats were trying to eat it. The thought of doing surgery on my own cat to remove the decorations from a holiday i don't celebrate is not a happy one.

Stephanie's pumpkin bread is the second best thing i've ever had in my mouth. it's awesome. It's better than Alta's, because the people at Alta care equally about everyone who buys their pumpkin bread, and stephanie made this pumpkin bread just for me. i feel loved.

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