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One night of work down.
four to go.

Last night went well, but for the fact that we had only one doctor. All the techs were doing fine (we were busy, but didn't have a lot of in-house patients), but the doctor was stressing. badly. She's a good doc and a nice person when she isn't stressed, but when she is stressed, she gets cranky. And she's on,by herself, again tonight.

We had a ventilator case last night. My evil tech was on it all night, which meant that she couldn't fuck anything else up. I let her micromanage that one all she wanted.

I'm going to a small christmas eve gathering tonight at Mary's. This is pretty much all I'm doing for christmas. I don't know if I'm going home in the morning - i don't think so, though. Probably the morning after xmess. Too busy, and I've got Flea to deal with. If i get off work in time to come back to my mom's, get flea, go home, get enough sleep to get back to work at 9pm, i just might do it.

I left my watch at home, and this annoys me.

My mom made (i think she bought them, but she's claiming she made them) really nummy christmas cookies, and i need to stop eating them.

Oh, and I dare anybody to sit through the entirety of This music video. Didn't think any one boy band could be worse than any other? I'd take an hour of 98 degrees over this ...

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