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don't despair just because it's christmas...

I'm wearing the world's most hideous pajamas and drinking gingerbread beer.

All in all, it's not too bad.

My mom got me pajamas for christmas (which i do need - it's cold at my house in the winter). What i didn't really need was for the pajamas to be aquafresh green, with huge multicolored troll dolls printed all over. This print is painful to look at. I'm rather enjoying wearing it.

the gingerbread beer is pretty good, but not all that gingerbready.

I've got the sob story to top all sob stories at work last night ... i don't really want to get into the whole thing, unless anyone wants a nine-month old airdale mix who almost was euthanized because he has a torn ligament ...

The party last night was nice, but i didn't know many people there. I had fun, and mary's husband makes great vegan food. I left a bit earlier than i had to, to go see michael and give him his xmas present. it was nice cuddle time before i walked into work. which wasn't too bad, all things considering.

today, i drink, sleep, watch dvds, and go back to work tonight. yay.

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