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sappy motherfuckers

i was feeling pretty neutral, but now i'm just annoyed.

Everybody gets so fucking maudlin over the stupid fucking holidays. What the fuck is a holiday anyway? why is one day any more special then another? The baby jeebus was born while the earth was at this point in its rotation around the sun ... whoop-de-fucking-doo. oh, it's time to be close to our family and friends? Shouldn't that be everyday? why would people need a special day to remind them that they're supposed to be loving their friends and families? it's tradition? tradition is hanging on to the past, symbolic bullshit. make your own traditions. spend every june eleventh painting rocks. make a ridiculously huge family dinner on the first monday of march. celebrate minor saint's days just for a reason to drink a fucking beer. blow off the established patterns, and do what is special to you, fun for you, and not just what everyone else does.

if i love you, i love you just as much today as any other day. if i hate you, i still hate you even though it is a "special" day. if i'm ambivalent about you, i'm not going to get all weepy over you because "OMG you're a friend and friends are so SPEEEESHUUUL!!!" No, i'm still just going to be as ambivalent about you as i ever was.

and for another thing ... we're not all christians. and not all of us that are non-christian are willing to celebrate the christian holidays just so that we don't make waves. I don't celebrate. Get off my back for it. I don't harass anyone who wants to celebrate, leave me the fuck alone for ignoring it. Mary was no virgin and i don't care who's birthday it is. I'm just irked because del taco is closed.

this whole thing just annoys me. i'm sure i'm just going to be seen as a bitter bitch for saying this, but i don't care ... i'm just so over it. Sheep.

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