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it's been a rough one.

It's over, it's over, it's over ...

*happy dance of no-more-fucking-holidays*

now i can go back to my normally acceptable level of generalized bitterness. yay!

I'm about to have a work related nervous breakdown. i love my job, but this week has been really intense, physically and emotionally draining. crazy busy, crazy owners, no-hope patients draining our morale, exhausted staff, and an overly cheerful doctor playing christmas carols on a portable radio in the treatment area. two more days to go, maybe one if the guy who needs hours takes my tuesday this week. lord knows i have enough hours.

Flea went with me to work last night. Everyone loved him, and gushed about what a great chihuahua he is. my little guy makes me proud ...

the dog that needs knee surgery and a home is going to cost around $2000. this may turn out to be a bit of a burden, but there's only so much owner stupidity and cruelty i can make a dog suffer through. She's really cute. Her name is Sheba, but i've been calling her Sha'Niqua. or Sasha. or Lydia. I may end up confusing the poor beast.

This earthquake/tsunami this is scary business. a reminder that there are people out there with much more serious problems than anything we've got ...

back to the sleep/work/sleep/work pattern ...

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