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i wish i looked like lydia deitz ...

I need to come up with a name for this new dog project of mine. Her given name is "sheba", but that's a stupid name and she doesn't seem too attached to it anyhow. I've been calling her "Sha'Niqua", but i'm not sure it fits. i like the name Sasha, but there are so many Sashas out there. A girl at work has been calling her Lydia, because she says I look like Lydia in Beetlejuice. Anyone have any ideas for naming a big silly happy terrier mix?

Pictures will be posted soon. as soon as i find my camera.

A co-worker is covering tonight's shift for me, and i don't have to work again until saturday, so i am a much happier girl. I do love my job, i'm just so stressed out right now. I called earlier to check on the dog, and the doctor i talked to said that it was crazy in there. so i'm glad i'm here, eating salsa and watching movies. life is good.

i hate to waste my free time, and i should be cleaning the house, but it's so nice to do not very much. I covered reception for three hours last night (we were short one receptionist, and it was busy) and it was nice to just sit down at work for a while. Paperwork is relaxing to me. Work did turn hellish last night - a dog coded, another one seizured, all of them were barking, and our surgeon called wanting a cat under anesthesia and ready to cut by the time he got there - in 15 minutes. up until all that happened at once, all was calm.

I've got all these days off, and a party to go to on friday night. It's the end of the month and i have a little leftover cash, my boyfriend is coming to see me soon, i'm gonna get new makeup wednesday, and i've got a new dog to cuddle (and find a home for. anyone want a dog?), my books from barnes & noble and my ebay knitting stuff came in the mail today. yeah, stuff is good.

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