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The piece of shit computer is fucked.

Charles likened my computer to a little old man, whose organs are failing one by one.

So i've got to put a new power supply into it - a procedure that i've heard is either far to complex for me or so simple a child can do it. how much damage can i do to a computer that isn't working anyway?

my goal is to make this thing limp along until i can get something better ... which may be a while.

So with Sha'Niqua, my new foster doggie, turns out her cruciate ligament isn't torn, but her pelvis is broken. good and bad news ... she probably won't need surgery, but she will need to be cage confined for six weeks. I was going to get one of those gigantic dog crates, but i can't afford it, so i'm going to have to build some sort of enclosure for her.

it'll work out, i'm sure.

I'm not even sure what to do with myself with the computer not working ... at least when the internet was out, i could still play my games, play music, watch video files. Now i have my DVD player, but i've seen everything i have twice over and won't have anything new from netflix until friday. blah.

michael is coming up tomorrow, sometime. this makes me happy ... we're going to go to dinner, drink some wine, i don't know what else. there isn't all that much to do out there, but it's nice to see my boyfriend.

Steph and i engaged in some intensive retail therapy today, and though i smell like ten different perfumes and have hands covered in makeup, i had fun. and i got new, thicker, paler makeup. and sparkly black to smudge around my eyes, and manly grooming stuff for michael. and a shiny bag, but i whined and got that for free.

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