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*kicks computer*

So i'm giving up on this computer project. The power supply doesn't seem to be the problem, the motherboard is probably fried, and it's barely limping along even when it is running. So I'm going to buy a new one. Where is she getting the money?, you might ask. Well, i don't really know. I'm going to make it appear out of nowhere, and spend the next four years paying it off. also, there goes the Scion for at least a few more months.

it's financially irresponsible of me, but i don't like being computerless. i wish i was more of a geek so i could put my own stuff together.

Going out to dinner with Michael in a few, then i'm going to meet up with charles to find a system that works for me.

After all that, michael and i are going up to my house, where i have no internet, no tv, no working gaming consoles, not very much of anything. maybe i can teach him to knit. god, i feel so amish.

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