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it was a punk rock new years.

So i was at this party in long beach ... talking to some people, hanging on michael because crowds scare me. A tall, greying guy walks in the front door with a younger blonde in an odd sweater. I note nothing of it until a the host's friend leans over to me and whispers, "ryan invited him, but he's always so surprised when Greg Ginn shows up at one of these parties."


I just got home from a new year's party with Greg Ginn.
Call me a dork (i am), but that's my kind of celebrity ... the guy who i have listened to for the last eleven years, whose band's symbol is marked on everything that was near me when i was bored in high school, was at the party i was at, in my friend's living room. And i played it cool, and tried not to stare, and didn't do anything uber-nerdy like ask for his autograph or anything, but i was awed.

I also ran into an old friend from back when i was a Chain Reaction band junkie. Ron Martinez, the singer for Final Conflict (it's okay, you don't have to pretend to know who they were) and the booker for punk shows at chain, was in the kitchen when i went looking for beer. It took me a minute to recognize him, as it was so out of place ... Mary's kitchen ... Ron ... this does not compute ...

Turns out he lives very close to Mary and Tim, and hangs out there sometimes. We spent a good part of the party catching up on old times. His girlfriend wants to cut my hair and have me be a "hair model" for her. It was sweet ... she walked off for a moment, and he turns to me and says, "i want to marry that girl". it was an "awww" moment.

And the vandals played baghdad. It was amusing to hear this on KNX on the way home from the party, the serious announcer-type saying, "The soldiers were treated to such punk rock tunes as 'Anarchy Burger' and 'Oi to the World'" ... you could just hear him trying to keep a straight face.

not a bad party. crappy day, crappy new year, little hope left, and my tears illustrated in mascara lines down my face, but hey, the party was good. and i have pictures.

Sha'Niqua! She's sleeping on the floor next to me now ... super cute.

Ron and I

Mary and Kelly

i think he looks even cuter with those glowing red eyes ...

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