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Mattie is building me a new computer! I went today and got myself a dvd burner and a second hard drive, and he's putting it all together right now ... so soon enough i'll be able to get back to giving all of you daily reports on my dull life.

but in summary, until i get the computer set up at my house:

earthquakes are fun.
dinner with stephinextremis is always nice.
Sha"Niqua's new name is Sheila.
Sheila likes to chew on things, mostly rawhides, but if there are no rawhides, then other things will do.
things like my hairbrush.
or the remote control.
Root canals aren't all that much fun, but not as bad as i expected.
Rain is awesome.
Things could be better, but they could always be worse.

I don't see much of anyone, but then again, i don't leave my house much at all.

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