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Thanks to a former friend who twisted my written words to support what she wanted to believe, i am now afraid to be completely truthful in this forum.

Not that i would lie here. that would be pointless. I just don't feel that i can be as open as i once was. I want to be able to say that I had a bad day without anyone choosing the cause, or say that I'm not happy without someone deciding that I need to change my life.

Anyway, I'm not happy. Why? you may ask, and i'll tell you that it's none of your business, and i don't want to get into it. There are so many directions things could go right now, and the though of all the possibilities is overwhelming.

Don't expect me to leave my house much anytime soon. it's not worth it, most of the time.

maybe someday, people will come out here to see me. maybe not.

thank you to vtron21 for putting together this awesome computer for me. I could never have asked for such a favor.

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