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I'm still in my pajamas. Better than my robe, i think ... warmer and less likely to be accidentally indecent. Very little has been accomplished today. A very annoying cable guy came by and installed tv. He wouldn't come in until i locked up the dogs - even Flea! So Flea spent a half hour in the bathroom while this dorky cable guy kept trying to make conversation, and i kept absolutely not relating. He insisted on going through a full demonstration on how to operate the remote control. Now, i may not be the most technologically adept, but i can work a remote control with relative ease.

I also did some laundry ... weeee, my life is exciting. I only did that so i would have work clothes for tonight.

Work tonight will at least be a nice change of pace ... better than sitting in front of my computer screen.

Does anyone know of any decent free CD ripping software? I'm trying to avoid ever losing my whole collection again, so i want to put all my cd's onto my hard drive in mp3 format, and then burn them for the car. I was able to find free dvd ripping software, but nothing for converting cds to mp3s.

now that i have tv again, i can say for certain that nothing is on and it's all crap.

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