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So Sheila is meeting her maybe forever home on Saturday ... I'm very excited. Regardless of what happens, I'm keeping her until she is healed - at least the first week of february. I hope this family likes her. I love her, but big dogs are exhausting.

I have a date on thursday and i'm very excited ... i have a reason to get dressed up, put on some makeup, feel a little bit better about myself. And I have an invite out tomorrow night - but that's something completely different. I don't know if i can go, with my overwhelming need for sleep and all. It's nice to be asked, even if i can't go. But i think i'm going to try, even if i may have to show up late. Anyway, Thursday's plans have me all excited, though. I hardly see dreammadeflesh any more, and it's nice to get a night out with him.

Work has been the land of gomers. GOMER = Get Outta My Emergency Room. code word for the hopeless. A dog with neuro signs, heart failure, kidney failure, totally unable to get up, urinary catheter, sedative drip to stop the screaming ... that was my project for the night. And the owner wants to do anything to save this dog. If this dog is there when i get back tonight, i'm going to be sad.

there are quite a few patients who we all hope would just die ... not because we don't like them, but because it would be the most merciful thing.

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