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It hurts ....

Ack, it fucking hurts ... not nearly as bad as it did before the surgery, but this is so not comfortable ... and I've already made commitments to go out tonight. And I want to go out tonight. But at the same time, I want to stay curled up in bed.

It's so hard to get motivated when there is this underlying pain sucking my focus away ...

Michael is supposed to call me at some point this afternoon .;. we'll see. I think he hates the telephone more than I do. But there are plans to be made.

I went by Central after I left TC last night, saw the girls ... Jamie is so caught up in her drama it isn't even funny. To fall in love with a married woman ... bad, bad idea. They were in the middle of an awful sugery when I stopped in ... dog got hit by a car, sliced his front leg open from toe to shoulder. A straight line all the way up, the skin separated from the muscle, and it was almost possible to reach into the gap and wrap a hand around the bone and muscle. Just gruesome. I love emergency medicine.

Register for school tomorrow ... ugh. But it must be done. I'm nervous about the whole thing ... It's been so long since I actually attended a school.

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