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pushing back the brain monsters

I got out of bed before sunset today. I took a shower. I brushed my teeth. I shaved my legs and other assorted parts. I put on nice clothes, not just my loungey pajama clothes. I put on makeup. I brushed my hair. I styled my hair. I'm going to get my fancy purse out and take it with me. I'm going out tonight, i've broken through this fog a bit, and every little thing i've done so far feels like a small victory over the gods of apathy.

The cable guy came to my house today to fix something that the first cable guy fucked up. He spotted my kitten's head that's in a jar of formaldehyde on top of my tv ... i don't think i could have explained that in any way that didn't make me sound crazy.
I did not show him the puppy on the coffee table.

tonight: michael, movie, and i don't know what else.

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