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make it stop ...

This wind is driving me crazy ... driving everybody crazy. My allergies are annoying the hell out of me ... sniffly, stuffy and all that fun stuff. A general feeling of ickiness to accompany it all.

Got out of work early last night ... didn't want to be there in the first place, and at 11 there was only one dog in the hospital, and it was the same dog that had been there for the last three nights. So I asked Laura if she minded if I left, and she said no, so i changed from scrubs to outside clothes and left ... drove over to TC ... not much going on there ... Andy, Kelly, Justin, Amy, Shaun was working, that's pretty much it. Justin, Amy, and Kelly all left pretty quickly after I got there, so spent a while talking to Andy about human nature and such things.

Kinda wanted to play DOD, but didn't want to play by myself ... and I felt like hell ... so I went home.

Yup, quite the exciting Friday night ...

I really don't mind what happens now and then
as long as you'll be my friend at the end

yeah ...

Well, i should go clean out my car today ... don't wanna, but i have to before I go to the river ... at this point there is barely room for another person in my car, let alone my stuff, another person, her stuff, and groceries. It's really bad ... but I have to live from my car for the most part.

I should also go get more fishnets while I'm down here ... there's a cheapo place right by here that always has them ... hmm. All these things I want to do today, and only so much sunlight, and so many hours before I have to go to work ... again.

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