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yay for slacking off!

So it was super slow at work today ... like six patients. I volunteered to go home ... it's day five and i'm tired and bored to death, and i have things to do at the house. So home i am, and much happier than i would be at work. the living room is getting clean, dishes are done, tea kettle is on the stove, and animals are happy that i'm home. this also means that i can sleep tonight and actually get some stuff done tomorrow.

I don't have to work again until saturday night.
Tomorrow i can do stuff around the house and relax.
Thursday i'm going out with Steph.
Friday I'm going up to LA to see Bodyworks with Michael.

This week might be okay.

I even found myself enough ingredients in my cupboards to make myself a halfway decent dinner. Some salad would be nice, but i can only hope for so much. Pasta and red wine will just have to do.

Speaking of red wine, why the fuck are corks so painful to get out? I gave myself a blister trying to pull the cork from a bottle of shiraz tonight. There's got to be a better way, people. And by "better way", I don't mean one of those corkscrews that cost more than i make in a day.

And on the topic of how much money i make, i've got a review this week. I think it will go well, but i worry. I've been promoted twice in nine months, so i don't see how it couldn't go well, but i'm sure that there are ways.

Michael gave notice at petco, and i'm extraordinarily happy about this. I hate that fucking place and half the people he works with.

And as much as i snark at people for watching bad tv (or watching tv in general), I Love the Nineties is awesome.

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