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The fucking Novocaine is starting to wear off, and it fucking hurts ...

So i had my second root canal this morning. No more fun than the first one, and i didn't have any valium this time. I did okay, but i was shaking so much and almost fell outside that my mom made me wait a half an hour before she would let me drive home.
Yes, my mom came with me. What's it to you?

so the major painful part of the dental work is done. I've got to go get crowns and get a couple small cavities drilled. Much less traumatic.

please excuse any grumpiness. my face hurts.

and none of you people asked me any goddamn questions. except for wubby. i <3 wub.

Today, i don't have to do a fucking thing. some one is covering my shift tonight. i'm thinking, crack a bottle of wine, cook some tofu, have a Sex and the City marathon (yay netflix) and maybe register for school. and try to keep the dog from chewing up any more of my shoes. She got one of my sexy red heels ... i need to make another trip to Footsies.

"I propose a toast
to my self control
you see it crawling
helpless, on the floor."

There's something really dehumanizing about lying in an exam chair, mouth propped open with a latex shield stretched over my face, listing to the dental assistants have conversations over me about what they did that weekend.

According to www.salary.com, i should be making $26,355 per year. I'm not. haha to that.

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