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A - Accent: none. monotone.

B - Breast Size: 36B

C - Chore You Hate: litterboxes, dishes.

D - Dad's Name: mert

E - Essential Make-Up Item: MAC Select SPF 15 foundation in shade NC20.

F - Favorite Perfume: Dior "addict"

G - Gold or Silver: silver

H - Hometown: garden grove, ca

I - Irish: not a bit.

J - Job Title: Veterinary technician (supervisor).

K - Kids: *shudder* yuck.

L - Living Arrangements: just me in my condo. and the animals.

M - Mum's Birthplace: Lakewood, ca

N - Name of first true love: brent

O - Overnight Hospital Stays: not since 2002.

P - Phobia: heights and spiders.

R - Religious Affiliation: none

S - Siblings: < href="http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=1636211&Mytoken=20050125075539">Brad</a>

T - Time You Wake Up: it's random. some days 0700, some days 2000.

U - Unnatural Hair Colors You've Worn: all but green.

V - Vegetable You Refuse To Eat: Eggplants. and brussels sprouts. and green beans.

W - Worst Habit: lazyness.

X - X-Rays: Dental, yesterday. But i've had just about everything else x-rayed.

Y - Yummy Foods You Make: i make good bread.

Z - Zodiac Sign: scorpio

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