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I don't know why i'm up so early.
yes i do ... it's because i fell asleep at five pm yesterday. i woke up again at 11pm, watched the simpsons, and went back to sleep until about 7am. it was pretty nice.

Sheila is lying on the floor next to me, staring at her tennis ball and wagging her tail hopefully.
Flea is on the couch growling. it's cute.

My face hurts but not so bad. Mostly when i chew. Manageable.

Today i need to go to Target and Petsmart. I need a vacuum belt and Sheila needs more chewies. Those huge chewies are fucking expensive! but cheaper than shoes ...

I talked to michael for a while yesterday, and he's going to come hiking with me on friday also. He seems so much happier since he quit petco. I'm happier, also. School will start for both of us pretty soon and i want to get in some quality time before both of us are always tied up. I registered for classes yesterday - got the math class i needed and a general psych online class. I also enrolled in a computer class, but i may drop it because i doubt i have enough time, and i don't really need the class. If i drop that class, i can still work four days a week, which i will need to in order to get a new car this year. I want my scion, dammit.

I just looked outside and it's pretty ... grey with bits of blue ... and i heard rumours that it's supposed to rain again this week. :)

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