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Here's random question #1 ... maybe i should make this a weekly event ... maybe daily ... maybe no one would care either way ...

Poll #425557 Random Question #1

What could your partner do that you have zero tolerance for and would cause you to drop them immediately?

Pug rescue is driving me up the fucking wall ... i owe this woman favors, so i'm trying to bail a pug out of the local animal shelter for her. the shelter has a complicated system that involves me being back there at 5 pm ... and of course, i can't get to sleep. and if i get this pug, i have to drive it down to oc.

that may not be to bad ... i'm having an insecure/neurotic/stressed out day, and i could use some comfort. and there is no comfort in moreno valley.

I spent all night in surgery last night. I fucking hate surgery, though 2/3 of it all went smoothly. I don't even want to deal with the parts that didn't ... nothing seriously went wrong, i just made myself look like a fucking idiot.

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