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I don't want to go out. I don't want to be alone. I certainly don't want to sit here and be paranoid.


I went to the shelter to try and get the pug out but she had already been adopted. so now i've had three hours of sleep, i've canceled on all the plans i had with any friends of mine, i'm tired, i'm hungry, i'm sad, ... bitch/whine ad nauseum.

Michael is supposed to call me after work ... maybe that will help. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night ... we're doing the usual dinner/movie thing, and then he's staying over and we're going hiking on friday. I still haven't heard back from wubby, but i'm going for sure. rain or no rain.

So i like the question thing - interesting stuff to know. however, in the poll format it doesn't really inspire discussion ... so i don't know. the point is to inspire some discussion, because things have been so quiet lately. maybe just in comments next time. or not.

I'm always in a state of wanting something just out of reach ...

and nico, i think i empathize with your answer the most.

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