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I think i need to either:

1)get a new vacuum that doesn't die every time i vacuum up something
2)stop vacuuming up shredded dog toys.

So the house won't be perfectly clean until i take the vacuum apart again and fix it. but it's a lot closer. I cleaned the living room, i picked up all the junk from my room, i vacuumed the living room, hallway, and stairs before it died. I cleared all the trash from the top of my nightstand and found ashes underneath. I haven't smoked up there in ten months, if that says anything about my housekeeping skills. I did dishes and changed the bedsheets.

I've been purging lately - i've got a bad habit of hanging on to things that i might need later. Magazines. Worn out scrubs with holes in them. Clothes i haven't worn since high school. Books i hated. Shiny things. So some stuff lately has been going out to the garage, some to the trash, and i think i'm going to make a trip to goodwill soon with some of these clothes. I'll make a teenage punk rock thrift store shopper very happy.
I remember finding a Damned shirt in a goodwill one time. I was quite happy. I think Scotty has it now. The exes take all the good stuff.

We talked about taking Flea on the hike tomorrow, but he's even lazier than i am. So i don't think i'm going to. He loves to go for walks, but this might be a bit much for him. If Sheila wasn't injured, she'd love it.

Someone from work called me, asking if i could come in tonight to cover. Even though i've had plans for a week, i feel bad about saying no.

no more procrastinating ...

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