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I was looking at one of the pics i took earlier today - the one i posted of me and michael. Like i said when i posted it up earlier, i have dozens of versions of that picture. Every time we go out and i have the digital camera, i annoy michael by snuggling up to him and pointing the camera at our faces.

this picture looks different to me. I look happier than i have been in ages - and i am. i think it shows, or i could just be projecting. but fuck it - i'm happy.

*note - this may be a temporary situation. but i try to enjoy it while it lasts.*

Michael is gone now - i took him back to his cute little house in huntington beach a while ago. I'm here alone again, but for once, it's not the most depressing thing in the world. I'll see him again soon enough, and we just had two very enjoyable days together. Days with no drama, no interference. We went out, did stuff together, explored the hills, cuddled and watched movies and drank beers. Persian food yesterday, thai tonight. It's been a really beautiful couple of days. if they were all like this ... well, i'm sure i'd get bored, but it would be nice for a while.

and tomorrow i go to work and start that mind-numbing cycle again ... i love my work, but sometimes it really sucks the life out of me. Especially when i'm actually having more fun outside of work than at work. Babyland is playing next month, and i've got to start now with the begging for someone to cover my shift. It's easier to get graveyards covered there than anywhere else - which isn't to say that it's easy to get graveyards covered. It's hard to have a social life, but i am not missing Babyland at chain reaction. absolutely not.

The dog is driving me crazy, i've got cramps, i'm tired, i'm drinking warm beer and my house is already a mess again. But i'm totally blissful tonight, and i'm going to try not to bring myself down.

oh, and monterey is back on, with no date set yet. I'm also aiming for new orleans this summer.

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