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I applied for credit online with toyota the other day. I just wanted to see if they would approve me on my own, so that I could maybe buy my Scion sometime this year.

They approved me.

So in theory, i could drive down in to the dealership and leave tonight in a new car. Scary. It's not going to happen - i don't have the down payment together (but i'm hoping for a decent tax refund). My mom said she would help me with the down payment, but i want to do this on my own. I guess I shouldn't be hugely surprised that they approved me. Someone approved me for this house at one point.

This dog is an insolent bitch. I yell at her for (stealing catfood/chewing on my shoes/annoying the cats/scaring the birds/taking flea's toys) and she just barks back at me. I tell her to go lay down and she barks back at me. She's not a stupid dog - she knows commands. she just doesn't care.

Other than that, there's not been much going on. Work has been absolutely insane. The morning supervisor didn't show up until almost an hour after she was supposed to today, and it pissed me off royally. It's been so busy that mistakes are being made and little things overlooked just because no one has time to pay attention to the details. We're understaffed and all stretched thin. Less fun than usual.

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