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home from work early! yay! small favors, anyway. There was nothing going on in there tonight - i played with the cute puppy, snuggled the kitties with urinary catheters, helped set up our one surgery, scrubbed the cabinet doors, restocked the bandage drawers, cleaned the sinks, and with two hours left to go, had completely run out of things to do. So i came home. sheila was happy to see me home early, as was flea. the cats and birds are as indifferent as usual.

i'm happy at the idea of getting to bed before ten am. If i can get up early, i can maybe go out tonight, but i should probably stay in and work on the house.

I'm off for the next three days and this also makes me very happy. Michael and I are going to try and get together on Thursday, and i have maybe plans for Friday. or maybe i'll sit inside and knit for all my days off. Either way, it's nice to have my days to myself.

I'm out of Shiraz, dammit. A trip to trader joe's is definitely in order. I tried TJ's greek trianges stuffed pasta things, and they were fucking gross, as were the portabella stuffed ravioli. No more stuffed anything from trader joe's.

ugh, the sun is creeping in. i'm off to bed.

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