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I'm about to shopping just to get away from this dog. She's driving me crazy. Actually, she's leaving me alone, but harassing the cats, which just annoys me. I need a new bra, i have a victoria's secret credit card, it all works out just fine.

I need cold tea and i just don't have it. blech.

So i hate getting caught up in other people's drama. There is a couple at work that recently broke up badly - she works nights, he works days. So he calls me, asks me to come in early so that he can get out early to avoid seeing his ex. I said i would, and i don't really mind coming in early, but fucking grow up. jeebus. Again, this is why i don't date work people. that, and the michael thing.

I don't like humans ...

I still need to find Tyler ... I have a finished hat for him. I also need to finish my Xmas presents ... at this rate, they'll be done in june.

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