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Does anyone know how to get a sticker off of a car window?

I shouldn't take my credit cards to a mall. it's better for me to shop online - at least i can't browse. I hit victoria's secret and got everything i needed. then i found a clothes store with bunches of things on sale, and then there was a bookstore, and, well, i've been planning to stretch my tongue to a six gauge for quite some time. And now my tongue hurts.

Babyland is playing at Chain Reaction on Feb. 27. I'm going. People should go with me. It'll be great. You've all heard me go on about this band. They're the best thing ever.

The dog chewed up a portion of my favorite jacket while i was out shopping. It was near her crate, she managed to drag it in. I still haven't heard from rescue ... grr. I want this (sweet, wonderful, intelligent) dog the fuck out of my house.

Dinner with Steph tomorrow, time with Michael afterwards. I think it will be a good day.

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