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Doing nothing is beautiful

Just got back from the river .... we were going to come home tomorrow morning, but i do all sorts of lagging in the morning and didn't really want to drive in the midday sun anyway. So we came back tonight, and are staying at my house for now, and to oc tomorrow.

So it was a wonderful trip, and just what I needed ... It was so pretty out there last night, my descriptions couldn't even do it justice. We drove around a while in the dunebuggy, first above camp and beside the highway, and then down to the water's edge, where we walked onto someones dock. It was so dark until my eyes got used to the starlight ... water like glass, so clear and smooth I could see the reflections of the constellations in the water. More stars than I even remember seeing ...

After commenting to someone Sunday about how I never, ever, relax, I am relaxing.

We finally got out of Moreno Valley about 7pm ... I slept a little bit longer than I planned. Got to Blythe in 2.5 hours. I drive fast. Pleasant drive, through open desert, sky full of stars ... I want to make that drive in a convertable sometime, to completely appriciate it ...

Got into Blythe, stopped at the store for soda and beer and food and such things, and then onto Hwy. 95 towards the river. Not 5 minutes onto the highway, I've got a cigarette in one hand, talking to Cryss on my cell phone, and a chihuahua on my shoulders. I had just made the comment to Marge, "Is that a cop behind us?" an then siren, flashing lights.

As far as I know, distractions aside, I was driving just fine. Cop walks up to the window. "I pulled you over tonight because the light on your license plate was out."

Total bull, but whatever.

So he runs my license, asks where we are going, and lets us go. "Have a nice night." Well, I had been, up until that point. But no harm done. I just hate getting stopped, especially when I've done nothing wrong.

So continue on, and got here at about 10 pm ... got the house opened up and took the dunebuggy out for a drove and froze our asses off.

Today (Monday) we did ... nothing. Beautiful nothingness. Walked down to the water, I waded in a bit, until Flea freaked out, slipped his lead, and I had to chase him all the way back to the house.

He doesn't like water.

In a new moment of Kasey brilliance, I walked into the water today forgetting that my cell phone was in my pocket ... I think it's dead. My fucking luck. or stupidity, maybe ... but the water was nice. I'm going to see what can be done about the phone tomorrow, before I come to OC. Grr.

So all in all, quite an enjoyable trip. I'm glad to be home, though I'll be working most of the rest of this week ... but oh well. So it goes.

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