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cat food and hours at Chili's

I spent entirely too much time at Chili's yesterday.
First, Steph and I went to dinner there - margaritas and hamburgers and deep-fried onion products. I left there stuffed. Checking my voicemail on the way out, I got a message from Michael. I called him back, and he wanted to go out to dinner - at Chili's. So to HB I go, spend an hour or so lounging on his bed, and then we go out. First to Petco, as I needed catfood. Not to that Petco - apparently Michael had already been there once that day for whatever fucking reason, and i think he still wants to avoid giving me the chance to mutilate the dumb redheaded cunt that works there. Anyway, catfood and then back to a different chili's where i had more margarita while he had dinner.

one can never really have too many margaritas, as long as they are properly spaced. and i have determined that there are two types of Chili's waitresses - the ones with light streaks in dark hair, and the ones with dark streaks in light hair.

the evening wasn't without its minor dramas, but it ended up pretty well. We've got vague plans for next week. I'm not liking this once a week thing, but i'll take what i can get. And the overnight/all day things are nice. I'm thinking maybe san diego zoo, soon, maybe. if i can justify the money.

My friend Jenn gave me a trick to keep Sheila occupied. I take one of those "kong" toys, and stuff it with frozen puppy food. Sheila has a purpose, and i have my sanity. and unchewed shoes.

It takes me hours to do anything, and that's annoying. Leaving the house is a two to three hour project, and that's before feeding the birds and filling water dishes and all that. I know that i can shower, dress, and put on makeup in twenty minutes, but i somehow drag it out into a huge project every single day. I've got to work on this.

I changed the style of my LJ. there's more pink now, and a background picture i can love at. yay.

I think i should have a small party up here once the dog is gone - i can't really get the house together until this creature is out of here. but i think it's time for another small party, while i'm still in a good mood.

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