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sunday, sunday, ... friday?

I really need to get this computer running right, or just buckle down and buy a new one. There are so many things i need to do and so many different ways i could go about it, and everyone tells me different things. I'm kinda paralyzed.

here's what i want:
i want to save all my music, photos, lj/fod archives, emails, and documents.
i want this nifty soundcard that someone gave me to work.
i want the computer to not freeze up or overheat on an hourly basis.
i want to start clean, without all the bugginess that is on my current system.

is this so much to ask for?
and anyone have any ideas on the best way to go about all this?

anyway ... this is me being home alone on a friday night. Heather called, wanted me to go to Das Bunker, but i don't really have the energy to get dressed up, drive into LA, and go dancing. Too much stuff to do around the house, anyway. So next time i bitch about not having a social life, you all can point me back to today, where i had the chance to go out and didn't.

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I'm going to the races on friday! It's usually a pain in the ass to get tickets, since my parents really only get enough tickets to cover crew. But now, my little brother works for National Dragster, he gets a certain number of free tickets per race. So Michael and I are going to Pomona Raceway on friday. It means I don't get to walk up the hill this week, but i hardly ever get to see my dad race. I'd rather go out on Sunday, but i'll never get it off work on such short notice. I'm very excited about this. And I still can't believe my little obnoxious brother is associate editor of a national magazine. fucker.

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