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interweb access for the moment! yay!

No one ever transcribes my phoneposts. I doubt anyone ever listens to them, because the format is a pain in the ass. anyway ...

So I haven't had my computer for a week. I gave it to my friend alan, with a bunch of pieces that i know work, and instructions to spend as much money of mine as he wished and make the fucker work and work well. I should have it back sometime this weekend. Too much longer without my computer and i'm going to go crazy.

I tried to go back and read my friends list, but i belong to too many fucking communities and so i just skimmed, so if anyone posted anything important and i missed it ... sorry.
who am i kidding ... this is lj, nothing important happens here.

my nails are getting so long as to interfere with typing. must start chewing again.

one of the parakeets got sick and dropped dead in a sudden manner. I think she may have had a blockage of some sort, but i wasn't going to cut the poor thing open to find out. Home necropsies aren't pleasant. So now i have one lonely parakeet for whom i need to get a new friend. He just paces, back and forth on his little perch. He looks sad.

Michael and I are going out tonight, and to the races tomorrow. I'm excited about this ... i have just enough white trash in my blood to enjoy the drag races. Tonight, though, persian food and i don't know what else. i should go get some beer or wine or something too.

Work has been insanely busy, and i'm running myself ragged. I have to work four days a week if i'm going to get this car, though. Most of my days lately have been twelve hours or longer.

I finally heard back from the labor board about my case against Central. They've scheduled a hearing, in May. I can subpoena witnesses if i choose to (and i might, just to get a backup of my story from the other girl who has taken them to the board). I can also have a lawyer, but i don't know if i want to put out the money for that. The final disputed amount is something like $2200. It would be easier if they would settle, but they don't want to, so fuck them. I'm having fun with it.

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