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So you want to buy a scion ...

I still don't have my motherfucking computer back. Grr. Anyway ...

I'm buying a scion! A guy my mom knows has a 2004 xB up for sale. Five speed, purple, lowered, wheels, tinted, the biggest speakers i've seen in a car, 21K miles. $15,500. As much as i would spend for a bare-bones new one, i get a more than loaded slightly used one. I don't exactly have $15,000, but i do have a house. With equity. and i now owe my soul to Chase Manhattan, and i'll not be able to afford to do anything for the next five years, but i'm getting a scion. w00t.

I'm quite excited.

in other news, my dad crashed the racecar. He didn't do anything to crash it, so it may be more accurate to say that the racecar crashed with my dad in it. Scary stuff. No 'chutes at the end of the track, and he hit the sand trap at about 200 mph. Car flipped end over end and threw the body off, but once they cut him out of the car, he was okay. Lucky.

We don't know if we're going to rebuild the car or not.
I really want to drive that racecar.

I'm working the next five days in a row ... and i'm probably going to have to do this more and more often until this car is paid off ...

and i really, really miss my computer.

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