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So I'm working with stephinextremis tonight, and i'm very excited. If i make it through tonight ... it's day five, and i have been sapped of all my motivation. of course, three days a week is a tough schedule for me. The high point of last night was putting a 16g central line in a wolfhound, and taking bets on which our gomers would code first. None did. Sadness.

It's really nice to be Sheila free. I forgot her name last night. After i get the house cleaned up, i think i'm going to have a small party to celebrate.

There is no news.

i started my school last week ... it's going to be quite time intensive, even for the online class. Lots of discussion stuff via forums, which i don't like. I do like the online tests. easy.

I'm working on getting a position working on the race car ... provided, of course, that my parents rebuild the race car. I want to be the "diver" - the person who goes under the car after each run and takes off the oil pan and checks all the parts under there. It's a dirty, grimy, definitively unglamourous job, and i want it. My brother was the diver, but he can't work on the car anymore.
Yes, i have something to prove.

sleep now. then more work. then coma @ home. where i have my refurbished computer. that still doesn't have sound.

i really don't have much to say lately.

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