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Last night at work started out well and went all to hell by the end. A surgery went badly. The supervisor left early and left me with the job, without patient rounds or anything nice like that. I pick up everyone's stress and ended up a frazzled mess by the end of the night.
Nothing all that unusual, i guess. and now i have two days off to recuperate, and become a normal human again before i go back on friday.

I really don't plan to do anything for the next two days ... i need to pick up the house tonight, and go to school tomorrow. I need to find out about the loan - i'm still waiting on the bank. I need to clean my car, and work on selling it.

I read on Fark.com that Blink 182 is breaking up ... and all i can say to that is thank goodness it's over. at least there's not going to be anymore of that crap.
There's one band checked off the list ... eleventy thousand more crappy bands that need to go ...

my house is fucking icy cold. and i'm drinking ice water. i'm all smart like that. i can't feel my toes.

silly link of the afternoon ... cat brain.

I miss Michael. He's started his school already, so he's going to school monday through friday, and working on the weekends, and taking an afternoon class a couple days a week. I'm working 4-5 days a week, and i've got school on thursdays plus my online class. We've been playing phone tag for three days.I know we're going to go to babyland sunday ... other than that, i don't know when we're going to get together. I'm going to try for dinner sometime this week, if we can ever get in touch. we've seriously been having conversations by voicemail.
I'm sure we'll find a routine. i just don't think there will be any more daytrips up here for a while.

and now ... peektures!

andy looking all dapper at the tc formal

steph and i at the same event. this dress ... my beautiful vinyl dress ... Sheila got a hold of it the next day while i was at the E.R. and shredded it. not just ripped it, but shredded it into little bitty pieces. I came home, found it, and cried.

the race car - post-wreck, obviously.

and in detail ...

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