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So apparently Totally Coffee has a Myspace account? anyone know who the fuck is responsible for this?

Patches paid for her catfood last night. I got a phone call from work asking if one of my cats could donate. Goyle is a weird blood type, Oberon is too old and way too fat for anesthesia, and Sammy is so crazy that I'd hate to put him through the stress of a car trip again. Altering Sammy's routine is usually highly traumatic to him, and he'll hide in the cupboard for a week. So I grabbed Patches after I finished class, and drove her (meow.meow.meow all the way) to Tustin.

Everything went smoothly - I used isoflorane to gas her down in a box, but her on a mask, and sucked 60ml of blood (1/8 cup) from her neck. While she was out i trimmed her nails and shaved her belly (she'll appreciate that in the summertime). Stuff that I could never do to her awake. I cuddled her until she woke up, because i hate to just leave her in a cage flopping around. While i was there, since i hate to drive to tustin and right back home, i helped temp a swollen German Shepard and chatted with Mary, Jenn, and stephinextremis (who looks super cute in scrubs).

I showed up in my adjustable junkie sweater and my skirt that clockworkbadger describes as "slit up to the armpits". I'm getting the anticoagulant out of the fridge, and one of my co-workers, the creepy colombian, comes up to me and says, "Wow, you look really nice, you look HOT." What the hell do I say to that? "Um, thanks ..." *backs away carefully*.

And that was the adventure of my night. And my way of putting off the psych paper I still have to research and write in the next 24 hours. Whee.

Three hours of algebra makes my brain hurt. badly. two weeks into the class and i'm already having conceptual problems. I was looking through the book, and there's lots of problems i can solve, but not the way I'm supposed to. I've taught myself so many shortcuts it's hard to do things step by step. like medications - the correct way to calculate dosages into volume is like this:

if i have a 15mg per ml medication, and i need to give a pet 37mg, i need to take 15/1 and 37/x, and solve for the variable by cross multiplying and shit. complicated.

Easier way? I divide what i want (37) by what i have (15). Either way I'll get the same answer - 2.47 (rounded). but my way doesn't count in algebra class.
i do similar stuff with dosages and percentages and volumes. it's the only way I've been able to get by in medicine.

I saw Sheila (sheba, shaniqua, brillo) last night. She looked sad. I took her out for a long walk, but i didn't bring her home. I'm trying to convince another rescue to take her. She's got the best sob story ever, it shouldn't be this hard. I really, really, don't want to bring her home.

I'm meeting up with Michael for dinner, +/- a movie, this evening. I don't have to be at work until 10, so i've got a little time to enjoy myself. If i don't kill him. anyway ... it should be nice. I'm totally burnt out on the restaurants we usually go to, and persian is to expensive ... maybe i'll drag him to my little italian place again. i think he's sick of that, though. i don't know. I'm sure we'll find something.

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