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Babyland was fun, even though hardly anyone showed up. Maybe 25 people. My friend Marie was there, along with a guy i used to live with (but i still can't remember his name). The guy that opened up for them was strange, and i couldn't help liking it. It was called This Song Is A Mess But So Am I. I couldn't describe it to save my life ...

Anyway, I had fun, Michael had fun, things went well. I got home at a reasonable hour and got to sleep at night. A woman left me a message about Sheila, I have to call her back but I need to charge my phone first. I've charged it maybe an hour or two over the last week, and i'm surprised it works at all.

When I get my new car (when the bank comes through), I've already got a small road trip planned. My friend Frank and I are going to go to Las Vegas to see the Queen musical. Not that I'll have any money to spend gambling or drinking or to pay for a room, but at least my car will be big enough to sleep in.

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