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So I met with my boss (whom i'd never met previously) this morning to discuss the retarded tech problem we've been having. I had my little page of scrawled notes, and Jenn with me for backup (because i just don't do these kinds of things alone).

It went well, I think. I didn't ramble, i didn't freeze up, I made my point. And I was proud of myself.

We'll see what results.

today - more work, a staff meeting in the morning, and then a woman wants to meet sheila. The problem is, I'm not really sure where sheila is right now. I think one of the docs has her. I'm sure I'll track her down. I don't think I'm getting much sleep tomorrow, though.

Not much else going on ... I've decided that I whine too much, and i still need a vacation. I don't want to go anywhere alone, and michael has himself committed to seven days a week until april, when it drops down to six. ugh.

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