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Right now:
What are you wearing? pajamas - satin shorts and tank top, and socks.
Of all the things you're wearing, what's your favorite? um ... i guess the pajamas?
Are you hungry? yes, but i desparately need to go to trader joe's.
Can you see out a window? no
What do you hear? the bird making noise
What song is in your head? zelda theme
What would you rather be doing? sleeping.
Do you like your job? yes
Do you like your boss? yes, for the most part
Who is your favorite co-worker? levi - he's crazy, so we get along. and he makes pretty music.
What brand is your computer? my computer? it's lots of different brands.
Smell anything? just that i need to change the litterboxes.
What's the biggest thing you've stressed about today? the homework i'm supposed to be doing.
What can't you wait to do? be settled
What's your dream job? i think i'm doing it. or rock star.
In reality, if you can't have your dream job, what would you most like to do for work? i'd like to be licensed as a tech, other than that i couldn't see myself doing anything else.
What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Fudge Oomf shampoo, and infusium's spray on conditioner.
What's your favorite body wash/soap? my aunt got me this lemon meringe stuff that smells great.
Have a crush on anyone? yes
Think about anyone more than (you think) you should? probably. more than he thinks i should, maybe.
Have any plans for tonight? homework, then school.
This weekend? out with friends on friday, see michael on saturday.
What's your favorite drink? vodka collins, thanks.
What's your favorite color? purple
If you had a baby tomorrow, what would you name her? if i had to have a baby, i'd let the adoptive parents name it.
Are you cold or hot? neither, really.
Think you're nice? no. not at all, and i don't think i have to be.
Think you're funny? at times, but my wit is vicious.

When's the last time you:
Talked on the phone? With? yesterday afternoon, to lacie
Cried? monday night, when the dog died under anesthesia.
Had your favorite meal? pad thai
Ate a good cheeseburger? it's been a while.
Ate ice cream? last week - all of us at work had a craving, so we got ice cream and cookie sandwiches.
Were really drunk? i think i got really drunk tuesday night after work, but it's hard to tell when i'm by myself.
Danced? babyland, two weeks ago.
Went out with friends and had the best time? i can't even remember the last time i went out with friends.
Received flowers? years.
Gave someone flowers? it's also been ages.
Went to a funeral? jeff's, two and a half years ago.
Cuddled with a pet? just a few minutes ago. i have to kick multiple cats and a chihuahua off my bed just to get up.
Slept with a stuffed animal? not since i was a kid.
Thought you could see yourself having kids? never.
Colored in a coloring book? i should do that sometime.
Colored your hair? a week or so ago.
Got a haircut? mid-december
Brushed your teeth? yesterday afternoon
Took a shower? yesterday afternoon
Went swimming? last time i went to the river - last july? i need to get back in the water.
Watched a professional sports team Live? i think i was seven.
Took part in a team sport? team? but there's no "I" in team!
Read a good book? constantly. i'm working on about three right now.
Were required to read a book? i have to read my textbooks all the time
Watched a funny movie? i just got trainspotting from netflix - that's funny, right?
Watched a scary movie? shaun of the dead, when it was in theatres
Were really frightened, even if just for a second or two? when they yelled for epinephrine from the other room.
Checked your email? wait ... now.
Checked your voicemail? yesterday
Had a good laugh? playing around with michael last night
Smiled so much your face hurt? when i got my car on friday
Checked out a stranger? constantly.
Wore cowboy boots? i had some old ones when i was a kid.
Told your parents you love them? two nights ago, maybe
Told your siblings you love them? i think my brother would slap me if i did
Told someone else you love them? michael last night

Do you:
Like the car you drive? oh yeah
Want a new car? nope.
Like the way your house is decorated? no - it's so disorganized
Envy anyone? a couple people.
Like my survey so far? it's pretty much like every other survey.
Mind when people read over your shoulder? i hate that.
Wish you could go back in time? i want to be 14 again ...
Wish you could go back to school? i am.
Hate it or find it flattering when people stare? hate
Like to talk on the phone? no - i don't usually even answer it.
Like spring or fall best? fall.. more rain. and then it will be winter sooner.
Call it 'fall' or 'autumn'? fall
Like summer or winter best? winter!
Eat seafood? no. yuck.
Wear glasses or contacts? neither
Paint your nails (toe or hand)? when i have time
Prefer blue or black ink? black
Have a cell phone? yes
Have any pets? lots - 4 cats, a dog, two birds
Have a significant other? i guess
Want to get married? yes
Want to move somewhere new? (where?) to the northwest or the desert
Have a green thumb? no
Have road rage? not really. i don't get all that angry.
Drive defensively, aggressively or like a grandma? i try to drive defensively.
Believe in gay marriage? yep
Like our President of the United States? hell no
Support our troops? no. i think we're in the wrong, and "following orders" is no excuse.
Wash your hands after you use the restroom? yup
Ever pee with the bathroom door open? when i'm home alone.
Carry/use chapstick? no, but i use gloss
Wear cologne/perfume/body spray? (what kind?) Dior "addict"
Have any piercings? Tattoos? lots and lots
Like to travel? i love it. i wish i could afford to travel more
Have anything on your mind you'd like to share with me? i'm procrastinating

Was this as fun for you as it was for me? i doubt it.

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