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I want this - http://www.thinkgeek.com/pennyarcade/swag/7410/?cpg=wnrdf. in a medium, please.

and i think i need to write some more bad poetry soon.
anything to avoid this math homework, really.

i met up with michael last night, and we had an absolutely lovely time. Cider and food at BJ's, and some nice time relaxing at his house (which i'm getting more comfortable in, slowly). It was totally what i needed. This whole week had been so fucking bad up until that point.

All my paperwork is signed and done on my loan. I met up with the notary yesterday and got it all done. Now I just have to wait for the the money to be transferred in, sometime within a week. I still can't believe they are loaning me this money, and i have my dream car ... i'm so happy about that.
and i'm getting better with the stick. First gear is a bitch, and downshifting is still a mystery, but i'm getting better. and it is more fun to drive. I'm happy.

i still need to sell my car.

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