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self inflicted wounds

I got ballsy and threw a bunch of bleach into my hair tonight.
40 minutes later, it's ... lighter black.
i'm going to leave it on a bit longer, and then i'll rinse it out before it falls out. I think i may end up with purply-black streaked hair, at least until i cut most of it off again. that's okay.
wish me luck on the hair issue.

In the spirit of masochism, I went out to see a movie tonight, with michael. things went well, for the most part ... but i think i'm destined to make a fool of myself over and over again, and the whole night was both pleasant and painful.
i still really don't know what is going on.

i just ask not to be lead on ... false hope is worse than no hope at all.

all in all, the cats have been very supportive.

ebay rules. I got a viagra scrub top. I may or may not wear it to work. We do actually use the med in some patients with certain types of heart disease ... but when we do, we tell the owners the other name for it.

i really don't need to be spending money on ebay, but finding stuff like that is such good retail therapy sometimes.

work tomorrow, and for the first time in a while, i think i'll be going in well rested and ready. I'm not dreading it. only three days for this workweek, too.

my scalp is on fire ... i should probably go rinse this bleach out.

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