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So this is the bridesmaids dress I will have to wear in november.

I'm not too hot on it ... maybe with a corset and stuff underneath. The color isn't the most flattering. But it's the wedding of the girl i've know for 24 years ... i will put up with it. My family was talking to her parents (who are footing the bill for this production) and I guess the food alone is going to cost $20,000. Insane. But she's spoiled.

When i get married in vegas, she better be there.

in other non-news, i don't want to go to work tonight. Two more days. no more supervisor shifts. Two days until i get to relax. Joe and I are supposed to go out for drinks wednesday night, which may impede my homework getting done. Maybe I should postpone this - it's all linear equations, which i'm not sure i completely grasp, and i'll have to draw them all out. and i have a test thursday morning. responsibility vs. sanity ... hmm. i'll have to think about it.

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