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"i just had five beers and a shot of Jager and ..."

Nothing like dragging a drunk Heather around Long Beach ...
I stayed miraculously sober.

So Heather and I, after a side trip to Garden Grove, three hours(!) for Heather to get ready, and a stop at Alex's Bar, went to release the bats. It was interesting, if nothing else.

I ran into tobiasreaper, which was way cool. Tobi, I loved the message when i checked it later. That made me laugh.
I'm amazed that he recognized me, after seeing me mostly in 100x100 icons.

Heather embarrassed the hell out of me, but i did end up sorta dancing with a cute industrial boy because of it. After she embarrassed me grade-school style, i looked over and elbowed her - "hey dumbass, he's here with a girl and she's glaring at me."

I had the coolest car there.

Justin was there - we talked bunches. I like hanging out with him.
I had to hold heather up for her to get her jacket on and walk outside. This is not an uncommon occurrence.

My feet hurt, and i've still got to drive all the way home.

Oh, and a piece of advice i may have stated before:
Trying to belittle michael is not going to make me feel better about any of the recent events. In fact, it makes me feel worse, and then i think that you think I'm an idiot for having been with him.
Michael is many things - not the least of which, he's the man i've loved for the last two years. I love him for my reasons, which are not anyone else's to judge. I don't want to hear what you thought of the relationship, or what you think of him, or him in relation to me. Allow me my happy memories, and mind your own business.

sorry to rant, but i'm tired of having decent nights soured by this.

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