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I love c-sections, as long as we get some live baby animals at the end of it.

Three pink and squealing Jack Russel Terrier pups. One very tired mama. Two didn't make it, but that's just the way it goes with these things. It took us almost half an hour to get the survivors breathing on their own. Mouth to mouth on a puppy is fucking gross, but necessary. We worked our asses off to get those puppies going.

and there's no better result than a little puppy squeal. Though mine didn't come quite the way i wanted it to. Usually they start making noise just after they start breathing. Mine didn't. So i'm carrying it around with me while i'm doing other stuff, rubbing it and trying to keep it up and alert. My co-worked asked why i was still holding him while his siblings were in the incubator, and i said, "I'm just waiting for him to start talking." (Once they make noise, they're pretty much safe to be out of our hands and with mom.) So she reaches over and pinches the back of his neck. He screamed, alright. And now i know a new trick.

Three wiggling, happy pups will make anyone feel better.

I drank too much soda and now i'm wired. I've got to be up fairly early. A friend of mine in long beach wants me to go see the doggie easter parade with her, but i'd have to be up in three hours to make it on time ... i think i'll skip it this year.

Trader Joe's soymilk is watery, nasty suck. That's what i get for trying to save a little money ... ruined a whole bowl of cereal.

Michael's birthday present is going to be delayed a few days, seeing as how i'm an idiot and didn't realize that everything is closed on easter. duh.
It can wait until after i get paid, anyway.

Last night, before leaving for work, I checked my mailbox (which i don't do all that often, because there usually isn't anything good in there). A floppy package was wedged in between the bills and magazines. The addressee was me, but not my normal first name - a *ahem* nickname of sorts, or rather, a typo that stuck. The return address was www.thinkgeek.com - a shop i browse, but didn't remember buying anything from lately. But things have been so chaotic lately, I figured that I bought something and forgot about it.
To the car I go, and I pry open the kasey-proof plastic packaging. Seriously, the stuff was like Kevlar. A shirt was inside - the Penny Arcade "Jesus is fucking metal" shirt i wanted and couldn't justify spending the money on. Elated - but still confused - I read the receipt.
"I don't know what to say, but smille, dammit!" from alexvdl.
It did make me smile.
And Alex has figured out the easiest way to make me happy - buy me stuff. Thanks, alexvdl.

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