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it shouldn't be painful.

Eventually, people will get bored with the only two subjects i can really hold a conversation about - my car and michael. I should shut up.

I had a really, really, pleasant night tonight, and i cried when it was over anyway. Not because anything went badly ... probably because nothing did, and it's all a reminder.
not that i wouldn't do it again ... i'm a masochist, and it's so nice while it lasts. And persian food is good.

and i'm glad to find out that i still have an escort to the wedding.

but there's no light at the end of this tunnel in which i'm walking.

Once again, the cats are trying to be a great comfort by lying on my arms while i'm trying to type. little fuckers.

here's my plan for the year:

April:Steph's wedding
April/May/ASAP: to the river with booze and ... more booze!
July: Iceland w/ Steph!
October: Bachelorette weekend thing in San Diego
November: Lacie's huge wedding

It's going to be eventful ... i just hope it gets better.
Newcastle makes everything better. I'm glad Heather left three of them in my car.

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