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I have a horrible craving for something carby and gooey and bad for my diet. I want something bad for me.
I looked online for any 24 hour stores around here, but the closest one is 20 minutes away, and i don't know that i really want to commit to that. Maybe tomorrow i'll go to coldstone or something, and hope that works.

I'm sorta doing my homework, but mostly not. I could't sleep this morning, couldn't wake up tonight, and now i'm sad, crampy, groggy, and lazy. I made stir fry and it just didn't taste good. I'm restless with nowhere to go and no time, anyway.

Supposedly, i'll get over this eventually, and supposedly, i won't cry every time i think of him, but i it hasn't happened yet, and i don't know how to make it happen. It won't leave my mind ... and the idea that this is so wrong isn't going away, either. my heart is filled with regret, and i'd give anything to fix what went wrong.

i want to not hurt.

how horrible is it that i just want to curl up in his arms?

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