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So this is my crappy webcam pic of my lasered tattoo. I would post a better pic, but it's hard to take a good pic of my own shoulder. Anyway, the tattoo should start fading once the inflammation goes down. I'll probably have to do the treatment 3-5 more times before it's gone completely.

They were really nice where I had it done. I went directly after work. The nurse (and she was an RN) explained how it worked, and all the risks to my skin (discoloration, keloids, "sunburn" feeling). I looked through a book of before, after, and in-process pics. Some stuff didn't completely come out - I guess green is more difficult to remove. But there were some impressive ones - a fair-skinned girl with a large dark tattoo on her shoulder, completely gone. I don't care if there's still traces of this, as long as it's not really visible. Someday I'll cover the whole area with something beautiful.

She asked if i wanted to start that day, and of course i did. It hurt. Not unbearably, and it was quick, maybe 10 minutes, but damn. like being branded many small times. Then she applied a bandage and gave me the aftercare instructions - pretty much the same as tattoo aftercare.

I'm really glad I'm having this done.

And i'm still craving something sweet - maybe I'll hit Jamba Juice before school and try to avoid this junk food craving.

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