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Hell is not other people.

Hell is algebra class.
Hell is algebra class when you're only an hour in to a two-and-a-half hour class, you've already read your magazine three times and done the crossword, the guy behind you seems to be a drummer, and the buzzing from the florescent lights is slowly dissolving your brain.

and now i'm bored x 1010.
not that there's anything going on tonight, but if there is ... you'd call me, right?

my schedule for the next week is insane, i should just relax tonight. Five days of work, a meeting with the other bridesmaids, school, a test, and i'm supposed to go see a movie with Joe, then i picked up a thursday shift. Watch me fall over. On the good side, it means i have friday and saturday of next week off. I probably will end up doing very little. need to buy food ... ugh. hate grocery stores, won't do fast food, and nothing left to cook. no beer either.

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