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dignity to the highest bidder

so i heard on the radio this morning that the prize for winning one of those "outlast your competitors" type reality shows was $500,000.

Is that the cost of dignity? Offer someone a chance at $500,000, and they'll humiliate themselves on televion, and give up privacy for however long it takes? It's like renting yourself out to a zoo, to be stared at and talked about, poked and prodded for cash. I'm embarrassed for the people that would do this.

couldn't pay me enough to do it.

I worked thirteen hours last night. I'm exhausted and wired at the same time. I dealt with the owner from hell (Though still not as bad as Steph's Bogie Rose lady). I spent and hour and a half dealing with her, and another bit of time writing my two pages of comments in. Apparently she's going to be "fired" today. If Ninja is still there when I go back Thursday, I'll be very upset - I'd rather not deal with this woman ever again.

There have been better shifts. But nothing died, everything was okay by morning, all's well that ends with me getting to go home and go to bed.

and tonight - dinner and movie with steph and joe ... i'm excited.

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